Premier League’s Plan to Continue the Season

Some experts give their opinion about the plan to continue the Premier League competition. Gordon Taylor-the chief executive of Professional Footballers Association explains that the commission has to consider less than 45 minutes of match if they want to continue the Premier League. They have to consider it for the safety of the players. The official also has to consider the number of matches the players have to play. The players have to play in a short period, and it may cause fatigue. Rick Parry- the chairman of the Football League claims that there is no discussion yet about a plan to continue the Premier League. He only talks about it with a Department of Digital, Culture, Media, and Sport committee. Perry got some creative ideas from that discussion. The Premier League committee arranges that the competition will be back on 8 June 2020. They also have to conclude the current season by July 31. 

Another consideration that maxbetsbobet mentioned is the rule of the competition. The Premier League should use the same rules to keep the integrity of the competition. Teams have to play home and away matches with the same squad before being suspended. All players have to pass the medical protocol, such as take a Coronavirus test twice a week and symptoms screening every day before going to the training. Sergio Aguero-the striker of Manchester City says that he locked the house and not in contact with other people. The Premier League club doctors are concerned about the plan to resume the competition. Now, they make intensive communication with the club’s bosses about their concerns. The league has to prepare over 40.000 tests for the players and staff if they resume the competition. The senior medics states that the clubs should consider the liability and insurance cover for the players. Other sports chiefs such as football, rugby, and cricket are also about to talk about the next plan with the DCMS.

Based on the Project Restart, the Premier League will continue the full training on 18 May 2020. Then, clubs have to continue the matches on 8 June 2020 and finish it on 31 July 2020. There are 92 matches left in the 2019-2020 season to continue. The Premier League committee has to suspend the competition on 13 March 2020. The last match was held on 9 March 2020. It was the match between Leicester against Aston Villa. Leicester City won the game with 4 goals over Aston Villa. The Premier League clubs are ready to resume the season when it is safe and appropriate to do so. In the end, all parties only have to wait and see the current condition. If it is achievable, a plan to continue the league with several considerations can be a good idea. They will never know the result until they try. The main concern is about the way to complete the season and complete it safely. It is also important information for Premier League fans. They have been waiting for their favorite clubs to play in the stadium.